Starting the PPP Loan Process

STEP 1: Submit the Online Application (Make Sure You Qualify)

STEP 2: Gather & Submit Your Documents

STEP 3: Sign your application and submit it to your preferred lender

Starting the Online Application

NOTE: If you do not know an answer to one of the questions, enter unknown for now to submit the application. If a question is answered "unknown" your application will be sent to the research team and may delay the process of preparing your loan documents. Either way, submit the online application and go to step 2: gather & submit your documents.

Once you "submit" your online application, click below on "PPP" Loan Document Checklist "Gathering the Loan Documents".


TERMS OF SERVICES: The applicant understands completing the online application process through Shalom Consulting Group is a paid service for a one-time fee of $250 and is not a condition on whether on not the applicant is approved for the PPP loan. The fee charged is for the accurate preparation of the required PPP loan Application and the collation of documents required for the submission of the PPP loan to the applicants' preferred lending (banking) institution. The applicant understands that Shalom Consulting Group is not affiliated with any particular bank and can not guarantee whether or not an applicant is approved for the PPP Loan. I also understand that Shalom Consulting Group is not associated with the Small Business Administration (SBA) or the federal government, but is a private business offering PPP loan document preparation for a fee that is due at the time of loan document services is requested. The applicant understands, Shalom Consulting Group will process applications in the order in which they are received. Once an applicant submits their online application, the contact person will receive an email/text (if a mobile number is provided) with the required documents needed to complete the preparation of your PPP loan application and an invoice for the $250. Priority is given to those who submit the online application, provide the required documents, and pay the $250.