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About Us

Welcome to the Shalom Consulting Group! At Shalom Consulting Group, listening to you is at the heart of our business philosophy, and providing responsive, custom-tailored client service is our first priority.

We specialize in assisting our business clients with comprehensive, custom payroll services, designing a system that leverages the latest technology to automate payroll processes, compliance filing, and payroll taxes.

Our state-of-the-art cloud-based payroll processing service enables us to work collaboratively with you, customizing the system to meet your specific needs, and allowing you to have as much, or as little, direct involvement with payroll processes as you like.

Our fully-secure, cloud-based payroll system handles check printing, direct deposit of paychecks, electronic tax payments, tax filings, and compliance, and generates a wide variety of payroll reports to help you to run your business efficiently. Because our system is cloud-based, it enhances productivity and security by streamlining document management and archiving, and by eliminating time-consuming and cumbersome data transfer processes.

At Shalom Consulting Group, our commitment to your needs, and our flexible, state-of-the-art systems let us help you to focus on what really matters to you – growing your business.